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Spawn Guide for TROC
Poster: DaJ4ck3L Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:13 pm

Guide Made by -Si-

Here is a quick general guide, check out the thread link near the bottom for some more.


- Don't cap if you can't catch, pass, or make it back to the base with enough health to pass off the flag or bring it home for a cap. (Learn to chase or camp first.)

- Don't be a hero. Play smart and pass off the flag before you die.

- Never ever offer ammo to your partner unless he specifically asks for it (or it's blatantly obvious that he's coming in for an ammo grab). You should not be following your capper around saying "Can anyone bring me ammo" over and over. There are more important things to do.

- If you don't have the flag you should be clearing the campers. If there aren't any campers you should be chaser chasing (see below) or doing something semi useful until you are needed. Idle players may as well be AFK.

-If you lose the flag in-field it is your job to go as fast as you can and force the chaser to return it. Your other capper should be going towards their flag stand to back up your camper.

- Follow the 4 second rule. IF THE FLAG IS RETURNED YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CAP IT IN UNDER 4 SECONDS! OTHERWISE YOU ARE TOO FAR FROM THE FLAG!!!! (Ideally this should be 2-3 seconds but anything over 4 seconds and your flag will usually be gone before you get there.)


-There are two flag stand defense positions: front and rear. In the front position you are blocking cappers. In the rear position you are spamming then chasing.

-The front defense position is mainly used when your capper is flying in for a cap. At this time it is crucial that you block anything that comes near your flag (other than your own capper, idiot.) Each second your flag remains on the stand the closer you are to capping.

-The rear defense position is best used when both flags are at home and there are 2-3 incoming cappers. It best to spam the stand with nades and then attempt to chase and hold a return in-field instead of attempting a body block and risk missing the incoming capper (usually forcing you to respawn.)

-Both (or all) chasers should adopt the same position. If one chaser is standing on the stand then DON'T take a rear position and SPAM HIM WITH NADES (you're only helping the enemy cappers.)

-Whenever possible, hold the flag in-field. Never rush a return if you don't have to. Fuck your stats, slow down, take a look, see who is at your base, see where your cappers are. Once you are ready to make the return, notify your cappers. ("Our flag is secure")

-This is the BEST WAY TO GET CAPS. So take advantage of these situations as much as possible.


-Whenever holding the flag in-field always be aware of an incoming capper coming to force the return. Don't be cocky, return it well in advance and then get back to your stand ASAP.

-Holding the flag in-field requires ONE chaser. If there is two of you there then one of you is being useless. The other chaser should be back at your stand working to clear away campers.

General TROC Etiquette:

- Be a helpful team player. Communicate and try and be aware of whats going on.

- When there is less than 10 players (5v5) don't camp if the teams are uneven (4v5, 3v4). This will probably result in you getting kicked/banned. When there is more than 10 people and the teams are uneven (5v6, 6v7) its not as big of an issue. You're still gay though.

- Never chaser chase when the teams are uneven (same rules as camping applies here)

- Chaser chasing can help your capping partner out a lot. You really should only be doing this if there is no camper to clear at your base. The general idea is that you boost near your capper and try to disc a chaser off his route to force him to respawn. If you're chaser chasing someone for more than 10 seconds you're just being a douche bag. If you're doing this consistently throughout the map expect to get banned.

Thread is here: ... c-Edicates

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Message of the day

Welcome to The Land of Oz community!
Please feel free to check out our forums and downloads.
Make sure to get the client side maps if you do not already have them.

Tribes Server Rentals


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We have hosted most of the Unreal and Battlefield series, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike games.

    -- Dedicated server is located in Dallas, Texas in the NOC with direct access to mega bandwidth.

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    -- Server is 24 x 7, except for Windows patch restarts which mostly happen once a week.
    We do check the game servers for players and will delay a restart until minimal players are on the server.

    -- We do have a very good firewall on the server and can permaban anybody from the entire server.
    Some find this useful for those pesky, no good assclowns that have nothing else better to do than jack with your game server.

    -- FTP access to your game folder and a web start/stop/mod changer is also included.

    -- Admin in your own private Ventrilo channel on our server.
    -- Admin in your own private Teamspeak channel on our server. <-- Added 31 Mar 2009

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Original Link:

Tribes Master Server

Instructions for entering new master servers

1. Start your Starsiege: Tribes 1 client.
2. Open the console. (default is the backtick/tilde ` key, which is located directly under the Escape key)
3. Paste this into the console by pressing CTRL-V:

    $Server::MasterAddressN0 = "";

4. Now close and restart Tribes; you should have the full list of registered servers.

If your server list is still not refreshing, make sure that in your tribes client, under network settings, you have the US Master server selected.

Original Link:

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