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Play testing the new Tribes game?
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Author:  DaJ4ck3L [ Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Play testing the new Tribes game?

It looks like they already have a playable version up and running maybe. I'm not sure how good this info is, I plan to look into it and update later.

UPDATE: Turns out this was 100% legit, and here is a response from the HiRez staff.

HiRezStew wrote:
I have to agree with Michal. Today's Tribes U playtest was fun. The game is still very early on, but definitely coming along (I think I killed Michal at least once with my Spinfusor, but I'm also fairly certain she got me back not too much later).

We were happy to get today's test in. The second we were done, they literally started packing up the room in which we do our daily Play Tests, in preparation for moving offices.

Now the Studio is all packed, and it feels like the tent has come down after the circus. Tomorrow, the moving van comes. Monday is our first day in our new (better) office -- so we are excited.

I know we haven't had much to say about Tribes Universe lately, but that is only because we are heads down making it happen, and don't want to say too much until some of the core gameplay settles. I can say it is coming along well, though, and the game has definitely reached the point where I look forward to the daily shoot-em-ups in the playtest room.


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